Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An Introduction

I thought an introduction would be the best way to start this new adventure of blogging that I have embarked on. My name is Cathy Winsby (that's me on the left) and I make soap for a living.

I should clarify that....I make soap and hope to someday make a living at it!! This blogs main purpose is to provide my customers and readers with a way to get to know me and what I do.

As often as possible I hope to blog about the soaps I make and sell in my Etsy Store Jovia Soap, additions to my website Soap Making Essentials, glutin-free cooking (cursed I am) and about anything else that strikes my fancy. Chances are it'll be about something creative since that is what I love to do......create things.

On my creative agenda today is homemade dog food! Not very creative actually but more of a necessity. Our goofy one-eyed Doberman cross is allergic to corn (who knows what else) and can no longer eat commercial kibble. So it's off to the kitchen I go to brew up another batch of doggie stew. I'll post the recipe for this delectable dish tomorrow...until then.....have a great day!

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