Monday, January 26, 2009

Artistic Talent Abounds - Part 2

MoonlightMy subject for today's bragging session is my 15 year old daughter, Brianna.

Since an early age, Brianna has had a pencil, crayon, felt or some sort of writing implement in her hands. Even when she is watching TV, my daughter is usually drawing at the same time.

I've picked a couple of paintings from her sketch book that I have found to be particularly interesting.

The top picture was a gift to her father for Christmas 2007. If you look carefully at the bottom of the picture (sorry for the glare from the camera flash), you can see a trail of though a lone individual has travelled through this pristine valley just before our arrival.

DragonflyI've picked this picture because it's so fun and bright. The way she uses colour just amazes me....of course being her Mom, everything she does amazes me!

Strange PlacesNow this painting! This one makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland and I've just dropped down a really weird rabbit hole!

As each year goes by I see so much change in my daughter and in the things she does. She's slowly stretching her wings and soon she will be flying from my little nest. I sure hope she keeps up with her art even if it's just for her own enjoyment.

Well...for me too....I plan to fill my walls with her artwork!


Cyndi in BC said...

Beautiful! Your daughter is very talented. Be proud mom! :)

BTW, thanks for the gluten-free recipes. Are you able to get the gf products you need in Sicamous?

Just curious, do you know my aunt and uncle, Harv and Lou Stone? They've lived in Sicamous for about 30 years or so. :)

Cathy Winsby said...

I'm new to Sicamous, about 1.5 years now so I'm afraid I don't know your aunt and uncle.

The local grocery store (Askews) carries quite a few GF things here but if there is anything else I need I just do the 20minute drive and go to Salmon Arm.

Anne-Marie said...

Gasp! Your daughter is TALENTED! When is she going to start selling her art?