Thursday, January 29, 2009

Artistic Talent Abounds - Part 3

Auntie Berta's PaintingTo continue (and I think finish) my family bragging session, I'm showcasing the artistic talents of two Aunts and my Grandfather.

The painting above was done by my Auntie Berta who is my fathers twin. She's retired now and has decided to take up painting again and is quite enjoying it.

Auntie Sally's Rabbit CupboardThis piece was painted by my Auntie Sally who is my mothers sister. She was having such fun one year making all sorts of Christmas presents and I was lucky enough to receive this lovely cupboard.

Grandpa's Horse CarvingAnd finally, this extra-ordinary piece was carved by my Grandfather, my mothers Dad. I'm amazed that anyone can take a chunk of wood, cut pieces off and end up with this! Unfortunately the horse isn't mine....:('s my Moms and she was kind enough to take the picture for me.

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