Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chocoholic Cravings

The Christmas stash of chocolate goodies is long gone and I've been battling the urge to get some more for about a week now. I finally decided today to try out a Chocolate Truffle recipe that I found on the Food Network.

Here's the thing about me and recipes....I like to use them but I always corrupt them. I seem to have this desire to deviate from the tried and true to see what I come up with. Sometimes this works really well and sometimes it doesn't. Today's results are still undecided. While the end product is wonderful, the trial of getting there was a little more adventuresome than I had planned.

My first deviation was substituting Kahlua liquor for the brandy. Now this was a good thing since I think the brandy would have been way too strong.

My second deviation occurred when the recipe called to chill the chocolate mixture and then use a melon baller to scoop out balls to roll in your hands. This sounded far too messy and I figured I had a brilliant idea. I would pour the mixture into these cute little ice cube trays and freeze them. Once they had frozen hard, I could then just pop them out. Sounds reasonable, right? Wrong!

Hours later I am at a loss as to how on earth I'm going to get the chocolates out of the tray. It seems I didn't take into account the Kahlua....alcohol doesn't freeze very well! Something I inconveniently forgot.

So here I am melting the mix in the microwave and scooping it out with a baby spoon into a measuring cup. I'm pretty much covered in chocolate by now and not quite sure what to do.

Along comes the next idea...thankfully this one works. I lined a small rectangular pan with foil and poured the mixture into that. Then I placed it into the fridge until it was firm. Once it was hard enough to cut, I cubed it up into bite size squares and froze them.

I didn't want to cover the truffles in both chocolate and cocoa powder/nuts,etc. as the recipe called for....I wanted them covered in just plain chocolate with a sprinkle of raw sugar. So that's what I did.

Once again, I deviated. The maker of the recipe talks about making sure the chocolate will 'snap' when you bite into it but to be honest, I hate that. When I bite into a chocolate, I don't want to be worried about all the outside pieces flying off and onto the floor. I just melted it with 2 tablespoons of butter until it was glossy and started dipping.

By the time I was done, I was again covered in chocolate. I won't lie....since these were just for us, I licked my fingers....a lot! My kids don't care and if they had been there, there would have been quite a bit of chocolate sneaking going on.

As a result of all that finger licking, I now feel quite ill. I couldn't even eat one of the finished truffles but I am assured that they are Divine. My teenagers are currently eating them all up!!

**Note - If you're feeling up to making Chocolate Truffles, just follow the link at the beginning of this entry.


rona said...

Hey Cathy, they look yummy, every year at christmas I still make your almond paste, then make into balls and dip them into chocolate. Those are addicting too, but i sure would like to try those kahlua squares. It kinda makes you laugh when you royally screw something up doesnt it, but i especially love the recipes you can do that to and they still turn out even if you tried a few different things to make it work LOL. I guess thats what makes it unique.....and that you are my friend, Hope all is well, love to family, talk with you soon. Are you gonna post that recipe?? I loved the brownie one by the way!!

Cathy Winsby said...


Just use the link for the recipe. I really only changed the type of liquor used...everything else was pretty much the same except for the the method!

I've finally been able to eat chocolate today and have had 3 so far! I can now confirm what the kids said....they are really good!

Thanks for reminding me about the marzipan recipe. I'll have to post that one too.