Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Finds - Retro Kitty

Retro KittyJust a quick moment to share a little bit of wonderful!

Karingrow's Shop on Etsy has these fantastic prints. I just love the Retro Kitty especially....makes me think of the Disney Movie 'The Aristocats'.

Here's a little quote from Karin's profile...."A perfect day in "Karin-ville" would start off with me working in my garden, creating a new art piece, then finishing the day lounging under the palm trees in my hammock with a fruity cocktail."

Sounds like something I could easily get used too!

Yellow Chickadees


Karin Grow said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful feature. We've had a bit of beautiful weather this week, so the hammock has been pulled out of winter storage and has become my favorite place to relax once again.

Malene said...

Thank you so much for your helpful advice on my blog :-)

You have a great blog!

I love the cat, you found...makes me think of Aristocats too :-)