Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Good Morning.

Leave me alone!!My daughter was a tad bit vexed with me this morning!

I had the audacity to say no when she asked for a ride to school this morning so that she could wear high heeled shoes. I told her to wear runners and change into the heels once she got to school. My reward for this ingenious thought was an "I hate you" as she flounced off. It's a good thing I don't take comments like that personally or my self esteem would be next to nil with the amount of times I've heard that one!

I think I fight back pretty well though. My response is always..."I know honey but I love you anyway." This of course ticks her off even more.

But why stop there? A mom needs to irritate her children once in awhile just to keep the balance even. So I started following her around with the camera trying to get shots of her temper tantrum just like we used to do when she was little. (sure wish I had a scanner to show you those pics...they're priceless)

Talk about stepping it up a notch! I am now the meanest mom and everyone else gets rides to school. Though...even with all her huffing, puffing and grumbling she was wearing a semi-smile. As you can see, she was really good at hiding her face. I didn't get a single picture of her face. Her ducking and twirling to avoid the camera was very well executed...I didn't have a hope. She even walked down the stairs backwards. By this time it's a bit of a game and we're both giggling.

You have got to give the girl credit for perseverance as well. Her next ploy was...."I'll let you take my picture if you give me a ride." And she's not dumb either. She didn't fall for my..."Turn around and I'll think about it!".

Nope. My daughter laughingly responded with..."No way! You're sooo bad! You're lying. How does that feel, knowing that you're lying to your daughter?" I grinned at her and said that I was okay with it!

Well, she got her shoes on (the flat ones), grabbed her backpack and in a little whirlwind, flew out the door....but not before leaving me with an "I love you Mom".

Another good day started. :)

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