Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Handmade Soaps at Jovia Soap

During the Christmas holidays I was hard at work creating a few new soaps to add to my Etsy Shop and here they are.

Knockout Handmade Soap

Smells like fresh running water with notes of floral and musk. Cool, crisp and

Colored a deep dark blue with stripes of charcoal....looking at this bar brought the words 'black and blue' to mind, hense the name..Knockout.

Though Knockout is designed to be a men's soap, it's light cool scent will appeal to women as well.

Chocolate Checkerboard Handmade Soap

Yummy, yummy in my tummy!! Almost but not quite....smells and looks good enough to eat but I wouldn't advise it!

Chocolate Checkerboard soap is deliciously scented with a combination of rich dark chocolate and cream fragrance oils and contains cocoa butter, cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate.

For a little added interest I've decorated this bar with a slate grey checkerboard pattern.

Orient Express Handmade Soap

Rich, exotic and sexy.

Orient Express is a seductive blend of musk, wood, floral and fruit scents and is suitable for either men or women.

Visit Jovia Soap to see what other new soaps I've created.

Hope you're having a Happy New Year!

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