Saturday, January 17, 2009

Safari Handmade Jovia Soap

'Safari' is a special order soap that I've just finished making for my Auntie Berta. After having ordered a boat load of scented bars from me, she discovered that her allergies weren't going to co-operate.

Since Auntie Berta had ordered so many different looking soaps, my dilemma was to create a batch that had some variety and were unscented. These colorful bars are the results of my endeavors and I designed them with an African theme in mind since that is the look of her powder room.....hopefully they'll match!

I think I might just explore the idea of making some decorative soaps that are unscented for my Etsy shop since so many people have scent allergies these days. I did a search on Etsy and discovered that most unscented bars weren't very colorful. The majority were very plain...either completely uncolored or with added herbs and spices.

What do you think? I know most people would still prefer deliciously lovely scents but are you one of those who just can't tolerate scented products? What would you prefer....colorful designer soaps or the crisp clean look of plain soaps?


jane said...

I love the look of that new soap! Fortunately I am not allergic to scented soaps.

Jodi said...

I think it's a great idea! I love the look of this soap and would buy it even if it is unscented. I think others would buy it for its looks alone, also.

supergrover2 said...

hi! found you on creative soapmakers. what beautiful soaps you have! are these cp? i'm starting to get the itch to learn cp, all I have done thus far is MP! i'm so nervous/anxious!