Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bath and Body Skin Care Recipes

Finally I've managed to get another page up on my Soap Making Essentials website.

If you enjoy bath and body products as much as my daughter and I do and would like to try making some of your own, visit the new Bath and Body page of Soap Making Essentials for a selection of super easy recipes that you can make right in your own kitchen.

In addition to the previously posted Whipped Shea Butter recipe, I've included such items as body scrub, foaming bath butter, body salve, lip balm, lip gloss, body spray and solid perfume.

All of these recipes would be loads of fun to do for a birthday party or girls/ladies spa night. I can picture it now....giggling girls/ladies :) scurrying around in their pj's while sipping on mocktails/cocktails, mixing and blending luxury bath and body goodies.

Hmmmm....might be a good idea if the guys found something else to do for the night!

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