Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fast Family Fondue

Plans of having a boring dinner of tuna on toast were quickly forgotten when my husband called to let me know he was coming home for a surprise visit.

He has been working out of town and wasn't expected home for two more weeks. Just so happens he had to pick up a new crew member who lives nearby which gave him the opportunity to come home for the night.

Well I wasn't going to feed him tuna on toast! Special occasions deserve special treatment. I quickly blasted out to the store and picked up a couple of ingredients to make a cheese fondue. My family loves finger foods and snack-like meals so this was perfect.

The kids helped me with cutting up the fruit, bread and veggies while I made the cheese fondue and cooked the chicken. Usually we have a communal pot for the fondue but this time it seemed easier to just divide the cheese up and keep the rest of it on platters.

We had a lovely dinner, everyone at the table together chatting and catching up. Once everyone was stuffed beyond belief, we retired to the living room to watch "The Titanic". I I do every time I watch it.

Our visit is over now and my husband is back off to work again but that's okay. We might not get to spend all our nights together but when we do, we try to make it make it a little bit special for each other.

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

A sweet, happy story Cathy. I love impromptu...they usually work out real nice.