Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Melt and Pour Shaving Soaps...So Fun to Make!

Melt and Pour Shaving SoapsOver the last year I have continually read soap makers going on and on and on about how much fun melt and pour soap making is!

I'm a die hard cold process soap maker and have been making my soaps for 10 years without ever considering going over to melt and pour. A couple of weeks ago I thought "what the heck" and ordered some so I could give it a try.

Ohhhh Dear! It was sooo much fun! Look at these cute little shaving soaps. I think I'm in love. Sigh.....now I'm going to have to source out a reasonably priced supplier! Since I'm pretty sure I'm hooked on this form of soap making as well!

Melt and Pour Shaving Soaps

Since I had never attempted melt and pour before, I had to do a little research first. That called for a visit to Teach Soap, Anne-Marie Faiola's website on soap making.

I kept it simple for my first try. After ordering the melt and pour soap, I started saving our fruit cup containers to use as molds. Once the soap arrived I made some curls out of my regular white soap (it was a little too cured so it cracked on some pieces) and put them in the mold containers.

I decided to make each soap a different color and scent since I had only ordered 2 lbs of the shaving soap. I cubed up the soap, weighed out 110 grams, added some mica and melted it in the microwave. Once it was melted, mixed and cooled I added the scent.

The next step seemed to be the hardest for me.....I kept forgetting to spritz the embeds with rubbing alcohol! Darn it! I'd say 2 or 3 of these little cuties might fall apart on me later but I don't care. Live and learn.

I also sprayed the tops with the alcohol to get rid of the bubbles. Once I was done making all eight soaps, I put them on a tray and left them overnight to harden. When I got up this morning, they were the first thing I went too! I was that excited.

I grabbed the first one I made and it popped right out of the mold. Yeah! So I grabbed the second...hmmmm.....not budging....the third....nope....and so on! Nuts! None of the rest would come out of the molds. Fine! I tossed them in the freezer for about a 1/2 hour.

Once I took them out I left them on the counter for about 10 minutes so they could warm slightly. I think it's the temperature change that helps to release them. I still had to run a knife around the top edge but they all came out great after that.

I could probably ramble on some more but I think I'd rather go take a bath and try out my new soaps!

Have a great day everyone!


Jane said...

Those look yummy - almost like some yellow type dessert! It will be fun to see where you take this new adventure.

Jane said...

I meant to say jello (not yellow)!

Anne-Marie said...

Wowza! They look great! I can't wait to see what else you come up with in your new M&P endeavors! The sky is the limit! P.S. The alcohol spritz is a must for layered soaps- works like a charm =)

homemade lye soap said...

This really look yummy. I like the color of this.

Stephanie said...

The look so cute! Like candies.

Ann Wilkinson said...

melt and pour is fun! i did it for holiday gifts a few years ago and loved the whole process. i'm going to check out that site you mention. i'd love to do it again, and i'd love to do the cold process. now THAT looks like a lot of fun!