Thursday, February 19, 2009

My dog is bored!

BrockLately Brock has been coming to me while I'm on the computer and he sits and stares at me. Just sits there. Staring. Sometimes he whines.

I ask him if he wants out....nothing. If I was to say "Want a cookie?" I already know the answer. I'll trudge upstairs and get him one and then once he's done he will follow me back downstairs and he'll resume his place. Just sitting there. Staring.

He's driving me crazy! So the last time he did that, I played a trick on him....I'm so mean! As soon as I got up from my chair, he was off like a shot to the fridge (where the cookies are). I however, did not follow. I snuck into my soap room and hid in my curing closet. It's just like a broom closet but has a glass door with privacy glass. He can't see me but I can see him.

It took him a minute but he soon realized that I wasn't coming upstairs. It was very hard to watch him running like a crazy dog round and round the basement trying to find me....The hard part being to not laugh and give myself away. You see, he used to play hide and seek with the kids a couple of years ago and he loves it. One child would hide and the other would seek with the dog.

So I'm standing in amongst my soaps and they're masking my scent...for awhile at least. He must have run about the basement a good 8 times but he did end up finding me. And he just stood there outside the door staring at it....yup, just staring. I sure wish he could talk sometimes. The staring makes me nuts.

Anyways, since it was obvious that what he needed was some play time, we went upstairs to go kill the snake. He really likes to shake the heck out of this thing. And he nips it until he pops the seams and pulls out the stuffing. Hence all the knots...trying to make snake last longer.

Once he got bored of the snake, I sent him out to go get the "kitty". He'll race all over the yard energetically bounding through the snow hunting for the cat. That we don't have. In the summer the odd cat ventures into our yard and he'll chase it but he'd never hurt one. I think he just likes the chase and misses our old kitty who passed away last year. One of the times I saw him chase a kitty, the cat just sat there and our dog ran right up to it and sat down.......and stared at it. Weirdo.

I guess I'm not the only one longing for springtime and green grass. Poor dog has cabin fever. He could probably use a buddy but no way am I cooking dog food for two dogs. One is enough thank you very much. Sure the new dog probably wouldn't need the homemade food but what are you going to say to it....Sorry, you get the crap food cause you don't have allergies.....right.

Brock promptly fell asleep after the fun and games. He left me alone for about two hours. And then came back to stare. It was 1/2 hour away from his dinner time. Fun....a whole 1/2 hour of staring.


Stephanie said...

Haha! Dogs are so funny.

Kathy said...

Wonderful post and awesome pictures. I love dogs and cats. I think you are right about them getting bored. We keep our 1 year old dog in a metal crate when we are at work. I cover the top and sides with a blanket so it stays "sheltered" and comfy for her. The last 3 days she has pulled the blanket through the holes of the metal crate. I could hardly pull it back out of the holes to get her out when I got home she had pulled so hard on it.

I think she has spring fever as well. She will be mighty surprised tomorrow when I don't put her in the crate.

Hopefully that will make her happy, but hopefully she doesn't get into trouble! We shall see!

Anne-Marie said...

Your dog is so cute - and my little niece dog Sam loves to chew on things too. I swear, I lost a computer cord, flip flops, an entire hamburger bun pack, a costco-sized bag of Cadbury Eggs ... the list goes on and on. But, she's such a joy that I forgive her in a heart beat =)

Your dog is adorable!

Cathy Winsby said...


That's quite funny...our dog did exactly the same thing! Except that he ate part of the blanket! He was very happy to have the run of the house after that.

Daisy Soap Girl said...

Great post. I love this story.

Joanna said...

Thank you for sharing. I remember the days of dog staring. Now my I have cat stares and he actually "barks" at me until I feed him. Then the other two trip me while I tend to the allergic cat. Poor #2 and #3 get hard food. ** sorry**! I am mean, right?

Anonymous said...

My dog does the same thing (she is part lab, too).
I spend half my morning trying to entertain her. Next time I am getting a pocket pooch who sleeps all day. LOL.