Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Own Special Weight Loss Program

I'm on a diet....you know the kind where you say "I'm on a diet" and then eat everything in sight?

Seriously though, I am trying to at least eat more fruit and veggies. At first I was going to try and actually skip on the sweets but who am I kidding. My sweet tooth is so large it barely fits in my mouth.

When I was little (OK, I was about 14 so not really little) my mother and I stayed at my Grandparents house while they were in England. My Grandfather has an even larger sweet tooth than the rest of us, which must be where my family gets it from.

Anyways, their fridge always has chocolate in it. Talk about temptation. Every day I would walk up to the fridge and tell myself "You will not eat all of Grandpa's chocolates!" and then I would take an After Eight, stuff it in my mouth and leave the envelope behind in the box...to hide the evidence of course.

Well, by the time they got back from England there wasn't an After Eight to be found in that box....nope.....just a whole lot of empty envelopes hiding nothing....absolutely nothing. Totally Busted!!

My Mother is just as bad. As a joke my Dad once hid a chocolate dessert out in the garage before he went to work. What do you think happened? She sniffed it out!! That's right, my Mom found that dessert and of course ate some. Good work Mom!! I think I would have pretended to have eaten the whole thing.

My husband doesn't think I should diet because..... his words.... "I like you soft and squishy." (Hmmmm...I'm not sure that's a compliment) My kids feel the same way.

So okay, maybe I don't need to lose too much weight but just eat healthier. That's probably a more realistic goal for now.

See....Salad for lunch!! A whole 260 calories of rabbity goodness...with a smidgen of beef and blue cheese.

Salad LunchI'll have mixed berries for dessert.....and some chocolate. :)


Diane said...

Oh, your husband would LOVE me! I'm always on that 'eat everything in sight' diet, it seems. It's not so bad, except when I pair it with my 'sit on your ass and do nothing but blog' exerices plan ;).

Cathy Winsby said...

lol....funny....that's my exercise program too!!

Jeweltrinkets said...

Fresh spinach leaves are a good thing to put in salads. Really doesn't taste like spinach!

hollyzhobby said...

chocolate is my favourite food group