Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Soaping Spaces...current and future.

I'm probably getting ahead of myself but I decided to do some spring cleaning this evening...at least in regards to my soaping spaces. We won't discuss the rest of the house.

This is a wall I have confiscated for my soap making bench and all my soapy supplies. At some point I have high hopes of grabbing the other 3 walls as well!

It doesn't usually look this clean and tidy but I thought it might be nice to spruce it up a little for 'picture day'. Most days you would find various soap recipes with all the additives waiting to be made. A block of soap would be on one end waiting to be cut up....pretty much creative chaos in the raw.

That's a skill my mother taught me. If there is a surface to fill, one must fill it. Even if it's the dining room table!

Here is my photography, packing and shipping table. All of my photo props, labels, bags and camera supplies are kept here.

Up above I have all my kids colouring and craft supplies. My daughter likes to draw and paint so we keep her supplies up there....when they aren't in her room that is! She takes the cake when it comes to messy. Her room is usually a whirl wind of disaster. Clothes everywhere. And nothing to wear of course. She's 15 so I guess she's normal!

Now this wonderful little building is my absolute dream of a soap studio. This is where I want to be eventually. Like when it's properly insulated and has a heating system. Since that takes money we don't currently have, my cute little 'studio to be' will wait patiently for me until we can afford to finish it.

There you have it. My short and long term goals for my soaping space. First steal the rest of the room I'm in and then get to work on the outside studio. Once that's done, move everything out there. Sounds so easy but it'll probably take quite a few years before I make it out there.

I can picture myself sitting on the patio (currently buried under 3 feet of snow) in front of the double doors sipping a cup of tea on my break while enjoying some sunshine. How's that for motivation?

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