Friday, February 13, 2009

Washing Wonders Never Cease

Just like most North Americans we have a washer and a dryer. Lucky for us it's a nice one and it came with the house when we bought it.

I'm fairly certain the people who sold us the house would have taken it with them or swapped it for a crappy set (like they did with the fridge and stove) but this washer and dryer can't leave. Nope.....they built the walls in after the machines were in place. Thank goodness they're Maytag! They may be old but the commercials tell me they will last forever...sure hope so since we're going to have to enlarge the doorways in order to replace them.

I can still remember when my husband and I first moved out on our own and had to visit the laundry mat once a week. Our choices were really limited ....they all smelt like stale old urine and cigarette smoke, yuck. We finally signed up for our first credit card (Sears Canada) and bought a new washer and dryer. Instead of paying the laundry mat for clean clothes, we just sent the money to Sears. That set lasted for 12 years and they were the cheapest Kenmore washers we could find. Not too bad an investment!

So the point of all of this rambling is this.....we have a perfectly good clothes dryer in our house and this is the scene I am presented with this morning. My daughter in all her teenage wisdom is drying her t-shirt with her hair dryer!

I decided not to question her this time (trying to pick my battles) and just grabbed the camera to take a picture. I couldn't help commenting about 'planning ahead' and 'thinking things through' but left it at that. Not to wish away our lives but I really can't wait until the grandchildren come along and my children finally "get it".

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