Friday, February 6, 2009

Whose Kids Are They?

Report CardsAhhh, report card day.....a day that strikes terror into many a teenager. That day in our house was yesterday.

For the past few weeks my daughter has been, shall we say, a little on the emotional side. Her performance during the first term of the year was a bit under par compared to past years and she was quite nervous that her report card at the end of the semester was going to suffer because of it. She need not have worried!

At 3:30 yesterday afternoon, I received a call from the school. It was the kids demanding...yes, they actually did...that I come and pick them up from school.

Ummm....excuse me? Why would I do that? They were laughing and giggling so I knew they were OK, therefore why the need for transport? Feet work just fine. (typical Mom comment)

No, no they giggled. You really, really want to pick us up so you can see our report cards!

They refused to tell me what grades they got on the phone but did mention something about deserving cake and could we go get some?

Funny how the 'not so little' terrors know just what to say to make me smile....I swear they're much smarter than they look! As their report cards can verify....both received Honor Roll and Merit Roll...A's and B' I said, Whose kids are they?

We got cake! I let them lead the way in the grocery store and they each picked out a slice which they promptly gobbled up as soon as we got home.

When I called their father and told him about it, I could practically feel his pride through the phone. Such good kids....I think they should always eat cake!


Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

That's awesome! They can really surprise you sometimes, can't they? And, boy, does cake ever sound good right now...

Granny said...

Way to go Brianna and Nick - Grampa and I are soooo proud of you!
Yes, cake does sound good right now - but I am on a diet - sigh.