Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Filberg Festival

Filberg LodgeBack in January, my Mother and I decided to apply for 'the cream' of all craft fairs in British Columbia (in our opinion).

Filberg GroundsThe annual four-day Filberg Festival is held each BC Day long weekend and features more than 120 artisans, great food and lively entertainment for all ages on the beautiful 9-acre waterfront Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park. Over 20,000 visitors came to the 2008 festival...this event is huge!

A Few Vendors BoothsEntry into the festival as an artisan is decided by a jury of volunteers from the Craft Association of British Columbia and industry professionals. The application process is quite involved and the number of applicants each year is very large.

Some of the entertainmentGuess what? Both my Mother and I were accepted and invited to attend as vendors for the 2009 show!!! We can't even begin to describe how excited we are. And the thought..."Oh goodness....I sure have a lot of work to do!" keeps running through my head. So much to do and so little time!!

This is really going to be a lesson in time management for me...and my Mother since I'm so like her!! I might just make myself up a schedule of daily duties to keep me focused.

I applied to the Festival under the Soap category..of course! My Mother entered in the most sought after category of all. Jewelry! Making the cut in this category is definitely a coup since the competition is brutal. But I'm not surprised that she did! Everything my Mother tackles, she does wholeheartedly. She always thoroughly studies what she attempts and then lets her creative talent take over. Here is a sampling of her lampwork jewelry.

Jane Perala Designs
Jane Perala Designs
Jane Perala Designs
Jane Perala DesignsHave a great day!!! It's time for me to get to work!!


Jane! said...

Easy to see where you got your artistic talent. Your mother's stuff is beautiful!
When is BC Day?

Diane said...

Congrats!!! Your acceptance was well-deserved. It's clearly a true 'arts and craft' festival (as opposed to the 'arts and crap' festival we have here every year ;).

Your mother's jewelry is beautiful!!

Cathy Winsby said...

BC day is on Aug. 3rd this year. The festival goes from July 31 until Aug. 3.