Friday, March 13, 2009

Hairdressing Isn't My Thing

I was reading Mary Moore's blog Holy Mackerel yesterday about the lopsided haircut she gave her husband and it reminded me of one such haircut I gave to my own husband.

It was at least 4 months ago and every time I think of it I still start to giggle. Not very nice, I know, but it was sooo very funny.

My husband often likes to use the electric trimmer to basically shave his hair quite short. Not bald but about 3/4 inch long. He sometimes gets me to help him out, especially with trimming the back of his head and neck.

This particular time I had some things on my mind and I was preoccupied. My husband asked me to shorten up the back and passed me the trimmer. It had the 3/4 inch guard on it and I trimmed away while talking about what was bothering me. Once that was done I left him to go do something....can't remember what.

Anyways, he called me back to help him finish up by trimming up the back of his neck and this is where I really wasn't paying attention. When he passed me the trimmer I was still talking and carrying on and I ran the trimmer straight up the back of his head.

That's when it dawned on me....oh god....the 3/4 inch guard wasn't there anymore and I've just buzzed a 2 inch bald stripe up the back of his head. The room was very silent for the next minute. Do you know there are times when one minute is very, very long?

My next reaction was to burst into loud, uncontrollable, hiccuping laughter! The kind I haven't experienced since...well...I can't even remember. I'm desperately trying to explain myself to my husband through the laughter but not much is getting out. Thankfully, all he did was start to laugh as well, though he wasn't laughing at his hair. He was laughing at me and the hysterical state I was in.

Here we both are almost peeing ourselves in the bathroom, tears running down our faces, hair all over the floor, kids staring at us like we've flipped and all I could think was "I sure love this guy."

Once we had ourselves under control, we shaved the rest off and my poor husband had to go teaching without hair. He was such a good sport about it....even now when it comes up and I start laughing again he doesn't get mad but just smiles and shakes his head. And he still gets me to trim his hair...though he does make sure I'm paying attention and explains exactly what he wants done.

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Mary Moore said...

That is hilarious!!! Haircutting should actually be labeled a dangerous occupation, methinks!