Monday, March 16, 2009

Think Before You Speak!

Thought I'd share with you one of my "life's most embarrassing moments".

When I was about 20 years old, I worked in a local grocery store as a cashier. This was back before scanners were popular and our store didn't have any. Often, items would be without a price tag and you would have to call for a price check. The system at this store was one of those that projected your voice throughout the entire store, stockrooms, offices, bathrooms, lunchroom....basically everywhere.

When doing a price check it is advisable to think carefully about what you are going to say and to make sure you pronunciate your words properly.

On this particular busy day I was 'in the zone'. Tons of customers and I was having no problem keeping up. Perfectly good day, really.

Until this particular item came through and I had to call for that price check. Did I slow down and think first, run what I was going to say through my head just to make sure I got it right....heck no! I just picked up the intercom and jumped right in.

Here is what I said "Could I please have a price check on 'Country Cock' margarine?"

I groaned as soon as I realized what I had said and then hung up the intercom in complete embarrassment. The store was very quiet for about 10 seconds and then the laughter started...not just one or two people but I swear the whole store, staff and customers alike all started to laugh until it seemed everyone was enjoying themselves at my expense.

I was about 12 shades redder but thankfully still able to smile and chuckle while waiting for my 'price check' to arrive. And yes, I was the butt of many a joke for some time after.

To this day I still seem to have trouble with talking too quickly and saying the wrong things but at least I'm not anywhere near an intercom that will announce my humiliating mistakes to the rest of the world.


Leigh said...

Lol..this is really hilarious Cathy

Diane said...

Ugh... I feel your pain. I once read 'Grand Prix' phonetically... in front of a large group of grown-ups (I was about 15). I knew how to say it... I don't remember why I didn't say it properly. But I can tell you I never mispronounced it again! said...

That was very funny! Just yesterday on the way to school my son asked me, "Mom, do you ever put your foot in your mouth?" Thanks for sharing that. I'm smiling.

Samantha @ Nepenthe's Bathtime said...

Oh my gosh! How embarrassing, but thanks for sharing and for a wonderful laugh. You reminded me of a story from a few years ago I had forgotten about (not as funny, but along the same line). A friend worked at an apartment community as a maintenance man, and received a work order from the office staff for an apartment that said "fix cock in bathroom" (caulk). In the completion section, he simply wrote "fixed & adjusted".