Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Resistance is Futile!!!

As with soooo many other things, I truly tried to resist ever owning one of these. Unfortunately, just like the video games and the pellet guns....I was foiled!!

For years I got away with statements like this "Sorry kids but we just can't afford to buy a trampoline". So what do they do? They get one given to them for FREE!

My husband met a nice man who's children are all grown up and they no longer want to have this infernal contraption in their yard. So now it's in mine....sigh....these things terrify me. I did get on and give it a jump or two though. You know how after being on a boat for awhile and you get off onto shore you still feel like you are on the water? Yeah....same concept except it feels like your going up and down instead of side to side...kind of nauseating, actually.

The kids have no such problems and are thrilled, as you can see from the following pictures of the set-up process. I have to admit, it is wonderful to see them so excited and happy!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Etsy Green and Clean Guild Treasure Hunt!

As some of you may know, I am a member of an Etsy group called the EGCG (Etsy Green and Clean Guild). This weekend some members are having a treasure hunt and you can find some fantastic deals on a huge selection of bath and body products. Here's the post from the EGCG's Blog.

This weekend, select EGCG members will have treasure chests hidden in their Etsy shops. Find the treasure chest and save big!

Here's how to participate:

Browse through the list of EGCG shops below and search their listings for the hidden treasure chest graphic. When you find it, you may take advantage of that seller's special offer listed in their shop announcement and/or the product listing where the graphic was hidden. The promotion runs from Friday, June 26 at 12:00 pm EST to Sunday, June 28 at 11:59pm midnight EST.

And don't forget about the extra bonus! For each purchase you make from one of the participating EGCG shops shown below, you will be given one entry into a drawing to win a $15 gift certificate to the participating shop of your choice. Winner will be drawn and announced on Monday June 29th. **Please include the code word “treasure” in the Notes to Seller at checkout so we can count your purchase as an entry**

Arrrrr, Cap'n Clean commands you to "stay clean and be moisturized!"

Participating EGCG Shops
1. http://jadewicks.etsy.com
2. http://RightAsRainCreations.etsy.com
3. http://urbbody.etsy.com
4. http://InseineCreations.etsy.com
5. http://sweetcreekherbs.etsy.com
6. http://IluminatedPerfume.etsy.com
7. http://showertreatsoap.etsy.com
8. http://Joviasoap.etsy.com
9. http://SpaTherapy.etsy.com
10. http://SkinJourney.etsy.com
11. http://DressGreen.etsy.com
12. http://AlchemicMuse.etsy.com
13. http://dirtygirlsoaps.etsy.com

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cute Little Guest Soap Samplers

Aren't these just the cutest little sampler sets? I've put them together to sell at the Farmers Markets and I think I'll make a bunch for the Filberg Festival as well.

These little treasures will make wonderful hostess or thank you gifts. Perfect for packing into holiday luggage as well....at $3.50 each, they are an affordable gift to bring back for family and friends!

Each set consists of 3 different one ounce guest sized bars put together with raffia and a hang tag. I was having way too much fun photographing them!

I wonder if I should list them on Etsy too? What do you think?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Words Escape Me....

I'd like to say that it's only today that my minds a blank.....however, that's not the case. Lately, I just can't think of anything to say. I'm tired (my husband would call this 'cranky') and my allergies have been acting up...these are my excuses. Pretty lame but they're all I've got.

Today I wandered around coming up with all sorts of great ideas that I can't really do anything about yet. One idea is to make little mini tote bags with my Jovia logo on it to put soaps and other goodies in. This idea lead to the 'other goodies' idea. I would love to add body sprays and foaming body butters to my line of soaps but until this crazy market season is over, I doubt I'll have the time.

So what did I actually accomplish today? Nothing! This is what happens when you allow your mind to take over when it's in overdrive.

I did manage to take a few pictures...not just the ones I'm sharing with you...some were of soap so that counts as work...sort of! Perhaps I'll even get some of those soaps listed on Etsy. If I can get my butt (& brain) in gear that is.....