Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Resistance is Futile!!!

As with soooo many other things, I truly tried to resist ever owning one of these. Unfortunately, just like the video games and the pellet guns....I was foiled!!

For years I got away with statements like this "Sorry kids but we just can't afford to buy a trampoline". So what do they do? They get one given to them for FREE!

My husband met a nice man who's children are all grown up and they no longer want to have this infernal contraption in their yard. So now it's in mine....sigh....these things terrify me. I did get on and give it a jump or two though. You know how after being on a boat for awhile and you get off onto shore you still feel like you are on the water? Yeah....same concept except it feels like your going up and down instead of side to side...kind of nauseating, actually.

The kids have no such problems and are thrilled, as you can see from the following pictures of the set-up process. I have to admit, it is wonderful to see them so excited and happy!!

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Kim said...

Oh I feel your ... distress...lol. I avoided one for a long time too. Then one of my husbands clients GAVE us a trampoline.:( My son (then 7) walked right up to the lady and said, "Ya know, you're not very pretty but you sure are nice!" If I had been there I would have been crawling back to the truck!! How could I say no to the trampoline after that!!:)