Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Words Escape Me....

I'd like to say that it's only today that my minds a blank.....however, that's not the case. Lately, I just can't think of anything to say. I'm tired (my husband would call this 'cranky') and my allergies have been acting up...these are my excuses. Pretty lame but they're all I've got.

Today I wandered around coming up with all sorts of great ideas that I can't really do anything about yet. One idea is to make little mini tote bags with my Jovia logo on it to put soaps and other goodies in. This idea lead to the 'other goodies' idea. I would love to add body sprays and foaming body butters to my line of soaps but until this crazy market season is over, I doubt I'll have the time.

So what did I actually accomplish today? Nothing! This is what happens when you allow your mind to take over when it's in overdrive.

I did manage to take a few pictures...not just the ones I'm sharing with you...some were of soap so that counts as work...sort of! Perhaps I'll even get some of those soaps listed on Etsy. If I can get my butt (& brain) in gear that is.....


Lorrie Veasey said...

Just popping by (nice place ya have here by the way) to let you know that Jane! from Emptying The Nest will be guest blogging tomorrow--and I know you will have missed her as much as I have.
Her guest post will be here:
please come and say hello to her-maybe we can get her to come back like blogging. Kind of like bringing a box of wine to the intervention.

Kim said...

Cathy, I'm assuming the flowers are yours? They are out of this world gorgeous! I recently went to a flower show and it was all I could do to pull myself away. I did have the privilage of running into another soaper who makes fabulous body butter:)
Do you dream soap? lol, I do!;)