Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mad Hatter Soap

Mad Hatter Soaps
You know how exciting it is when you go to the post office and find a parcel of treats has arrived? I could barely contain myself until I got home to open this little package.

Part of Mad Hatter Soaps appeal is the entertainment factor she has managed to incorporate into her products. Each soap sample I ordered has a awesome name like Mephisto, Superstition, Kashmir and Moonstruck. On top of that her descriptions are wonderfully intriguing...."The scent of mystery and myth, dark and foreboding at the core, soft and sultry around the edges, tinged in sweet irrationality"....that alone made me instantly want to try "Supersition"!

Each soap sample was nicely labeled with a full description of both the scent and the ingredients. And the ingredients!!!! Goodness gratious....we're talking upscale here! Chock full of silk and exotic butters...I feel tempted to either wear or eat these soaps.

As soon as I was finished taking the above picture, I ran upstairs to our bathroom to try these babies out....and I tried all of them!! Each and every one has a fantastically exotic scent that is geared to those who prefer a more sophisticated scent. There is absolutely nothing ordinary about how they smell.
Lathering action on all the bars was above par...huge fluffy bubbles and the bars glided exceptionally well across my skin.

I haven't made a final decision yet as to my absolute favorite out of the four bars but I think I'm leaning toward "Moonstruck"! If you go and check out her shop, you'll see that I'm not the only one who likes her products....she's had to close shop until December 1/09 to restock her shelves. To see the sort of stock she usually carries, just click on '1340 sales' under 'other items' on the right hand side.

Enjoy browsing...make a'll be glad you did!!

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Michael Hughes said...

Hi Cathy,

From what I can tell of the Mad Hatter Soaps, the Moonstruck soap seems to have the most appeal. Which one of the four do you like? Have you tried any of them?

I agree that the soap descriptions really brings another aspect of intrigue to the soaps. Are you considering taking a similar approach to your soap descriptions?

At Joyful Soaps, we also carry a complete list of ingredients for clarity and transparency sake. It really pays off as customers appreciate that open and honest approach to soap sales. We are very earth friendly in how we make our soaps. So, I can relate to the thinking behind Mad Hatter Soaps labeling.

Thanks for sharing this exciting information.