Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mouse in the house!

Just so there's no confusion...I do not like rodents! Sorry, but I really don' least not as pets. When I was 7, a girlfriend put her pet...something...gerbil I think, up to my big toe while I wasn't looking and the little monster bit me! Made me bleed and everything.

Lately, a mouse has been getting into one of the cupboards in our house. How do I know? Because it has been leaving little presents behind for me to find in the morning. Yuck!

We bought some traps. We set the traps. No mice. Nothing. Figures, right?

Then the other night while my husband was out by the garbage cans, he hears this rustling sound. He looks in the can and sure enough there are two little creatures sitting in the bottom. And darn it, they are alive!! And they look cute!! Smelly, but cute.

It's one thing to dispose of a dead little creature once you have trapped it. It's another thing entirely to have to actually kill something that looks at you like this. Not going to happen.

Even my big, gruff, tree climbing man didn't even consider disposing of these two little guys. Nope....gave them some toilet paper to cuddle up in. A dog biscuit...just in case they got hungry. Some water of course. Oh...and brought the whole garbage can into the mud room so they wouldn't get too cold. He's such a sweetheart!

Yesterday we took them to a nearby field and let them go free. Run little mice, run free. I tried to take pictures of them leaving the garbage can but they were way to fast for me.

I guess I'll throw away the traps now...maybe I can find a live trap somewhere and put it in the crawlspace under the house...maybe we'll catch some more...I sure hope not!

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Kathy said...

They are so cute! We had two white mouse that my son bought for a science project at school. I was told by the pet store that they don't live very long. He lied. They got old and shrively and lived very happily for a very very long time! We called the Itchy and Scratchy.